Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Let me share some thoughts and knowledge with you on how you can make your truck work harder and better with the both the lastest and the classic truck gear.  Let me begin by saying I got my first truck in 1978 and have pretty much had one ever since then . And I live and work in the land of trucks... Texas.   I started in the truck accessory business in 1987 and now own and run a 25 year old suceessful  truck accessory retail store.  So trucks have been an everyday part of my life for decades.  And I hope to share some of that practical knowledge here for other truck users to use and learn from.  I currently drive a 2008 Ford F350 with a flatbed and I also own a 1999 Ford F250, but at my store we work on dozens of trucks every week of every brand and model.  I will share how I use my trucks for my everyday doings, my life as an avid horeseman, and my career as a truck gear seller.  Join me as I share my thoughts and knowledge on trucks and how to put them to work to make your life easier and better.  Thanks for reading! 

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